I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and I would do it again. However, I’ve never been a big supporter. She, like her husband, is a Third Way centrist who seems to think the path to Democratic party success is to make the party more conservative in an attempt to win over the mythical “swing” moderate voters.  It seemed to work for Bill Clinton (who had the added benefit of running twice in a three-way race) and as a result it brought us the lukewarm candidacies of Al Gore and John Kerry.  I thought this campaigning philosophy met its end with the ascendancy of Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy and its crowning achievement, the presidency of Barack Obama, who won not simply by winning over moderates (which he did) but primarily by energizing his core constituency, turning non-voters into new voters and turning casual voters into active supporters.  I wasn’t excited to see Hillary Clinton roll back to the old DLC model, and I voted Sanders in the primary. But make no mistake: once she got the nomination, and was up against the most unserious candidate the GOP had nominated in my lifetime, I was unwavering in my support for HRC.

Anyway, that’s all kind of beside the point. The real point here is that I saw a massive tweetstorm from Robert Sandy (@frodofied) laying out a full-throated defense of  Hillary Clinton and her campaign, and I wanted to save it in a more readable form. So here it is.

To be clear, I’m under no illusions about any possible/probable political future for @HillaryClinton. That future was stolen on 8 Nov 2016. But the reason I still tweet about her so often & tweet those cheesy #ImStillWithHER pic memes is because @HillaryClinton fucking won.

And given all of the bullshit we’ve put her through these past 25 years, you know for being evil, and trying give everyone health insurance, and other purely evil things like that, I think she deserves some fucking recognition. She stood on the same stage as Trump for us y’all.She kept it classy when literally NO ONE else did. She didn’t blow her top and strangle some dumbass journo at the word “e-mail” either. That last one must have been HARD people. I mean I would’ve ripped out @mitchellreports hair extensions for sure. But she didn’t. Not once.

She did her homework and handed it all in on time, including all of the extra credit, again, when no one else did. She had plans. Real ones. They weren’t magical pill plans and most of them weren’t sexy, but they were thorough and well-reasoned. And they were fucking paid for.

And despite what all of the naysayers want to claim now she ran a fucking beautiful campaign. Yeah, there were errors made, but, well, no. I won’t call them errors. That team had bullshit coming at them from all sides constantly and limited resources and time to combat it all. I believe that they made the best decisions they could w/ the information they had. Always. There was no reason to believe, for example, that James fucking Comey and the @FBI would literally break history and insert themselves into a Presidential election in a way that no one had ever done in the whole history of our history. Ever. There is no analogous historical precedent anywhere. Comey strode full bore into infamy and handed the Presidency to Trump. People will be pissing on that man’s gravestone for centuries. Supposing Trump hasn’t nuclear annihilated the world before then anyway.

My point, and I do have one, is that @HillaryClinton fucking rocks. She is bad-ass & brilliant.

I am proud of every single one of the many THOUSANDS of calls I made for her. I’m proud of every door I knocked and Trump voter I converted. I will always hold my head up high for all time as I proclaim to anyone who listen: “Don’t blame me I voted for Clinton. Hillary that is.” And I will always shake my head in disappointment and even chuckle about it now, every time some dumbass starts on blah blah corruption blah blah blah corporate whore. Yada yada yada. I am too old and too tired to even take it seriously now, cause this election aged me I tell you.

But mostly I will wait for history to step in and tell the story in the way no one today can or will or seems to even want to. The story that will be told will be presented with no small bit of wonder and a mountain of empathy and respect. It will be the story of a small Midwestern girl who wanted to be an astronaut even though they told she couldn’t be. A girl who happily punched boys in the nose for abusing bunnies. A girl who would grow in a first class once in a lifetime brain and beat all of the boys all of the time in everything. She would crazy ass things in her life like spend summers gutting salmon in Alaska and going undercover to expose racial bias in deep red Alabama schools. She was two kinds of First Lady & absolutely did not bake cookies while doing so. She was a lawyer, an advocate, a Senator, a mom, Secretary of State, and was the first woman in our nations tainted and storied history to be the Presidential nominee of a major national political party. That was only one of the more recent ‘firsts’ in a lifetime full of them. She worked harder than ALL of them, always. And she was always the smartest person in the room. And not only because she had to be. Yeah, I am in awe of @HillaryClinton. She is a titan.

But what those historians will focus on most, however, is that fact that it took nearly the whole of the world: a foreign government, a data theft ring helmed by a narcissistic white nationalist, an orange racist, pussy grabbing, idiotic monstrosity of an opponent, an entire political party with a huge assist from a bunch of brolicious dudes from her own side of the aisle, the media, sexism, emails, fake news, and an angry old white guy from Vermont to try and bring her down. All that and she still garnered 3 million votes than her adversary. She did it all while being told she every single day was no one liked her, that she was uninspiring, and that she was a deeply flawed candidate. Yeah, they said that shit. To her face. History will avenge her, however. Some will call her the First Woman to be elected President and they will not be wrong. It’s sad that she won’t get to do the great things I know she would have done. But like Obama before her, we really deserve her. Not even close.

So, yes. HILL YES, even.  I am still saying #ImStillWithHER and will be saying it regularly until we see the backsides of everyone of these fascists motherfuckers in this oncoming illegitimate administration. She deserves no less and neither, for the record, do they. Thank you @HillaryClinton. A million times and then a million more. I’m glad you found your smile again. #HRC4Ever