Week 9, with its thirty-minute run intervals, should be a good predictor of race performance. I’ve run two of the three days, and the current indication relative to my goals: inconclusive.

Day 1 (Monday) was a good one, 3.39 miles at a pace of 8:51 per mile. That would put me across a 5K finish line in 27:26. Success!
Day 2 (Thursday) was slower, 3.25 miles at 9:14 per mile. Projected 5K finish: 28:38. Missed it by that much!

That was last week. This week, I’ve been out of town on business. I was kind of looking forward to running in Monroe, Louisiana, but as it turned out I couldn’t find an attractive place near my hotel. I could have done laps around the Pecanland Mall but it just wasn’t very appealing. So, I did 30 minutes on the hotel treadmill, Tuesday and Thursday. First time I’ve run on a treadmill.

Running on a treadmill is unbelievably boring.

I guess that’s why they mount televisions on them. I had my music player, but it just doesn’t compare to going through real terrain. The good part is that I was able to keep up a good pace the whole way through, 7 mph (which translates to 8:34/mile) according to the control panel.

Anyway, I’m not counting these indoor exercise periods against the C25K program — it just doesn’t feel right. (Though I don’t judge anybody who wants to do the entire program on a treadmill — if that’s what you like, or is all you have available, go for it!) I head back home tomorrow, so I’ll log day the final day of the program at the start of next week; perfect timing as I get ready for my first race the following Saturday.