Monday: Caboose

Because I only managed two days last week, today was the third 25-minute run, or Week 7 Day 3 by the program checklist. It went well; overall, these uninterrupted runs have felt uneventful, to the point that I can’t think of much to say about them here.

Wednesday: Pre-Empted

Family stuff came up again, so I skipped the run today.

Friday: The accidental 5K

So I figured, rather than split up week 8, I’ll just repeat W7D3 and start Week 8 next Monday. Besides, I was curious to see how the app handles a repeat.

The “halfway there” notification came a lot further along than i expected, so I figured I must be moving along pretty fast. I powered up the hundred-yard hill (counting my steps, and concluding that it’s more like 200 yards), and checked the time, surprised to see I still had 10 minutes to go.

You see where this is going, right?

Week 8, Day 1

Arriving home, I checked the finish screen. Total, counting warm-up and cool-down: 3.98 miles in 38 minutes.


It turned out that I didn’t “repeat” after all. I tricked myself into an extra three minutes. And even better: the run was twenty-eight minutes at 9:00 per mile, for a total of 3.11 miles. I had tricked myself into running an honest-to-goodness 5 kilometers.

As it has in the past, the C25K program sends the message: you can do more than you think you can.