C25K Week 7, Day 1: Better Late

Twenty-five minutes of uninterrupted running, and I continue to find the program delivering on its promises. I keep expecting to run out of steam as the time increases, and keep finding I can do more than I thought.  Today’s run: 2.86 miles, 8:44 per mile.   Beautiful clear skies, with the full moon on one side of the sky and Jupiter on the other. But it was cold!  The thermometer read 39°F at the end of the run; I don’t know how much colder it was at the start.

The only downside is that I didn’t start this week until Wednesday. I’m undecided at this point whether to skip a day this week or push everything back; probably that decision will wait on Friday’s performance.

Whose time is it?

So why didn’t I start Week 7 until today?  The short answer is, I gave my mornings to the three-year-old.  Both Monday and Tuesday, he woke up and came to see me just as I was getting prepared to go out.  Rather than expect my wife to wake up early and keep him company, I stayed home and we hung out.

One of the reasons I exercise early in the morning is that everybody else is asleep, so they don’t need my attention.  Physical conditioning is important to me, but it still comes behind all my other responsibilities.  Exercise is, in a very literal sense, a self-centered, self-serving activity.  That’s not a bad thing — we have a responsibility to ourselves to stay healthy and happy.  But exercise is still low enough on my list of priorities that I don’t feel justified saying “can you take the kids, I have to go run three miles.”