Week 5, Day 3

As it turns out, the total distance (counting warm-up and cool-down) is 5K.

That went far better than I had expected. Stacking up against the goals I set on Wednesday:

  • Don’t stop to walk. Result: almost.  For most of the run, I felt comfortable. My stride was relaxed and probably a bit longer than usual.  Doubts arose as I hit previous milestones (“This is the three-minute mark, tired yet?” “This is eight minutes, you have no evidence you can keep running”) but they dissipated like the ghosts they were. At 16 minutes, though, I hit the hundred-yard uphill slope, and it stretched out before me like the hallway to Carol Anne’s bedroom.  Halfway up, I surrendered, and walked — for ten steps. Then I ran again, walked another ten steps as I reached the crest, and then resolved to run the rest of the way. I watched the clock like a student taking a final exam.  The last three minutes tried to beat me, but didn’t try hard enough.
  • Keep it under a ten-minute mile. Result: mission accomplished.  My overall average pace was comfortably under ten at 8:49, which includes the brief falter mentioned above.  When I checked my pace during the first half of the flat portion, it was down as low as 8:20.  That feels pretty good.

In honor of my walk+run total of 3.11 miles, here’s a song by 311.

I’ll be running around the block for no apparent reason
Something you’ll catch me doing in any given season
Gotta break a sweat man, gotta go bust out
Biddy-bye-bye-bye-bye, good bye to the drought