The week continues to ramp up, with a modest increase in running time (sixteen minutes) but in longer blocks — two intervals of eight minutes each.  The first one went by pretty smoothly, but the second one seemed endless.

After climbing the switchbacks on the hill out of the park, I felt the beginnings of a side stitch, something I probably hadn’t experienced since ninth grade.  I was just about ready to give up and walk, but I checked the clock, saw I had less than a minute left, and pushed through it.

My average running pace slowed again to over nine minutes (9:20, in fact) but I’ll take it.

And then?

Whoever designed this program thinks I’m ready for an unbroken 20-minute run on Friday.  Do they know something I don’t? They have a pretty good track record up to now, so maybe they’re right.  I’ll keep my goals modest:

  • Don’t stop to walk;
  • Keep it under a ten-minute mile.

If I can do that, it’ll be my first two-mile run, ever.