Week 4, Day 2

C25K Week 4, Day 2I turned left at the trail this time and ran through Woodland Park, where I got to dodge a few sprinklers and face down a defiant goose. My right knee was extremely sore and stiff, but I pushed through it anyway; the result was my first ten-minutes-per-mile pace (actually 9:59).

That’s a disappointment wrapped in a small victory, but what’s most discouraging is the persistent ligament pain. I continue to wonder if I’ll be able to keep going, and whether I even want to.

Week 4, Day 3

Another time through Woodland. This time I surprised a spotted whitetail fawn as I rounded the south end of the pond; her mother was nearby in the rose garden, and didn’t seem terribly urgent about running away.

We all have bad workout days. Just focus on what you've done, and what your goal is.

Cram it, Constance.

Discomfort is easing a bit, but it’s still a struggle, and I wound up with a slightly better run at 9:39 per mile.

One drawback I’ve noticed about my choice of routes is that both of them start by going downhill  — which means going uphill in the home stretch! I’m sure some uphill work is good training in general, and the race I have in mind goes up those very same hills, but it sure can be a slog!