Same total amount of jogging minutes as last week, but some of the intervals are grouped together to make for longer continuous runs. The walking time is slightly reduced.

Week 3, Day 1: Fear and Excuses

When I woke up Monday morning, I negotiated with my self. Should I run or not? My knee kind of aches. I’d hate to injure it.

If it’s before 5:30, I decided, I’ll go running. If it’s later, I’ll blow it off. So then I looked at the clock.


I ran anyway.

Once again, I’m surprised that when I think I’m crapping out, my run pace isn’t really changing — still just under 8 minutes per mile. I took the walks slower, though, averaging over 14 minutes per mile for the first time since week one. I’m fine with that — if a slower walk is keeping me running, then let it be a little slower.

Any time you feel a pain, hey dude, refrain

Adversity has started to poke around the edges of the week. On Tuesday evening, I found myself dizzy, shivering, and feverish — probably due to dehydration from too much time in the sun. So I skipped Wednesday, setting my sites on Thursday.

Then the knee pain really started. That darned left knee — which I believe was originally a bicycling injury, due to bad form, and that plagued me periodically when I was dancing a lot in 2002-2004 — came at me with teeth. I even found it hard to go down the stairs. Stretching was good but not sufficient.

So I started a beautiful friendship with Ibuprofin, the miracle in a bottle.

Week 3, Day 2: I Get Knocked Down

The good news: I did the run. However, discomfort dragged me down — my walks were slightly slower (14:41 mile) but it was the the run that took a real hit (9:06/mile, a full minute slower than before). I had shortened my stride to where I sometimes wondered if I was running in place.

The weird part was, two hours later, my shins and knees felt perfect, better than they had in days. (This, too, would soon pass.)

Week 3, Day 3: But I Get Up Again

An even earlier morning (both boys woke up at 3:45 and didn’t go back to sleep for over an hour), an Advil, and a yogurt, and back on the road I went. The legs still ache, but I found my way around it and pushed the run back down to 8:18/mile. It didn’t hurt that as the final jog began, the playlist served up one of my favorite overcoming-adversity ear worms.

And with that, it’s goodbye to Woods Hole, back home to Montana on Sunday night.  I expect to be worthless on Monday, so I’ll try another week of Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday running.  I’m feeling a bit skeptical about next week, when the program markedly ramps up the run time from nine minutes to sixteen. If my knee hasn’t regained its impact resistance by Monday afternoon, I’m going to repeat week three.