I have so little to say, but I feel Steve Jobs’ passing as though he impacted my life directly. And in a way he did; every computer I’ve ever owned since 1984 was an Apple, and once I started programming I never really stopped.

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

I think he understood more than anybody around him.  He knew, back in the early days with Woz, that the real power of a PC was the “personal,” not the “computer.”  He saw that a computer could be more than a hobby for electronics enthusiasts, and he saw that the devices we want to live with should be more than simply computers.

Everything the man touched was amazing, and I think it’s because he always kept his sights on the user, not only on the user of today but on the user of the future.  I’m sure he was hell to work for, but that was undoubtedly inseparable from his dedication to his vision.

It’s painfully obvious that Apple will not be the same without him. To the extent that Apple has driven innovation in our electronic lifestyle — computers, music devices, smart phones — the rest of the world won’t be the same either.

Goodbye, Steve Jobs. Thank you.