Hooray for blogfads! Tim Bray started it, and it’s kind of fun, so I’ll join in.  When you type one letter into your browser’s address bar, what’s the first result that your browser guesses you plan to visit?

This is from my work computer, though management might be happier to see a few more work-related URLs on here.

  • [A]mazon.com, which just shows how much I neglect my little domain here. (ambignostic.wordpress.com was second.)
  • [B]alloon-Juice, the blog I just can’t stop refreshing.
  • [C]BS Sports College Basketball because the tournament was just a month ago.
  • [D]ailyKos.  I don’t hit Big Orange very much anymore, but apparently I still check it often enough.
  • Al-Jazeera [E]nglish – the 2011 firestorm of popular revolutions in the Arab world has made AJE the go-to place for world news.
  • [F]irst Interstate Bank. Quite a good online banking system we have here.
  • [G]oogle. Duh.
  • [H]ome page of the corporate intranet (home.corp.intranet).
  • [I]MDB, yay!  The resolver of disputes, the answer to trivia questions, the source of quotations.
  • [J]Query docs, core page.
  • City of [K]alispell.   I mainly go here to pay my water bill.
  • [L]ocalhost. I do a lot of application testing on my desktop.
  • G[M]ail.
  • [N]amecheap. I recently switched over from GoDaddy during the big “Bob Parsons shoots an elephant” kerfluffle.  I don’t hold GoDaddy in quite the contempt they probably deserve, but the low transfer price plus the donation to Save the Elephants was pretty irresistible.
  • [O]K-Cleek.  One of my favorite Balloon-Juice commenters. Come for the Name that Tune contests, stay for the incredible photography.
  • [P]andagon.  The other of my top 3 most-frequented political blogs.  Pharyngula showed up second for this.
  • [Q]west, just acquired by the company I work for.
  • [R]adio Paradise. Internet radio at its finest. Bill and Rebecca compose a great, manually-programmed playlist that centers around classic and alternative rock, but throws in a wide-ranging mix that earns the name “eclectic.”
  • [S]ee Prism TV – another work-related URL.  Glad to see I occasionally use this machine for work.
  • [T]oys!, one of my Amazon wish lists. It just has telescopes on it.
  • [U]seit.com, Jakob Nielsen, the master of usability testing.
  • [V]ideo For Everybody, for embedding video without Flash.
  • [W]etsuit Optional (actually one of the rotating subtitles used at Balloon-Juice.)
  • [X]KCD of course
  • [Y]ouTube
  • [Z]eldman – his entry praising Jeremy Keith’s “responsive design as a sea change” post.